Day 25 – Out on a Lymm

We hadn’t exactly grown bored with Dutton but with rain on the forecast we decided to move on and stick to the plan. The last 2 miles of the Trent & Mersey and through the Preston Brook Tunnel. Our modus operandi is to steam on in the rain and then rest in the sunshine – giving chance for the sun to recharge the batteries. We grabbed the 1000 entry into the tunnel, for yes, it is timed to just on the hour & up to ten minutes past. At the other end lurks the privately owned (well, by Peel Holdings) Bridgewater Canal – the original canal, set up by the Duke of Bridgewater. It was a nice change – broad and deep but it did rain!

The northern portal

Is this the original canal masters house that DT looked around?

And yes, it was wet … hardly any traffic at all – maybe this new ruling by the Bridgewater Canal Co. to enforce their 7 day only reciprocal agreement with no return in 28 days is beginning to scare people off coming through and if they do, not to stop! Still. the boat loved being on a broad and deep canal.

A fuel stop at Thorn marine in Stockton Heath (140 litres! Half a tank) and a chat to the lady on Psalm.

All the bridges here have names not numbers – such as Stanney Lunt

And into Lymm, our planned stop for two days. Only mooring was outside the picture postcard cottage of Bridgewater House. Owned, we’re reliably informed by a local in the pub, by Matthew Corbett! Very pretty and well kept.