Crafty Crow


Saturday in Nottingham. The marina’s chandlery is moving to a new block and so had a sale on – up to 70% off, so we bought a few bits and pieces. Then we trundled on to do our shopping in Sainsbury’s. On the way we met some friends who said they had an interesting night – on returning to their boat around 8 they found a group of lads leaning against the boat and when asked what they were doing it became apparent they were snorted a line of Charlie of the handrail of the boat! Hmm, another otherwise unknown use of a narrowboat! Glad we opted for the marina.

After the revittelling was done we took the Boggle with us, up Maid Marion Way, past the Robin Hood statue and into the Craft Crow for a pie & a pint.

Be a shame not to, having come this far.

The Crafty Crow – notice the monk giving the tourists a spiel, guess he’s Friar Tuck, the well know spoonerism. Oh and there’s Viv and Toby – both have their tongues hanging out – onwards!

Quite a nice and airy place of two levels – with lots of beer:

And craft beers too. We tried 4, 5 & 7

We had fish n chips plus a Club Sandwich and then Steve tried the Tiny Rebel, Great Cornholio (just a half mind) – stunning, as so it should be at £3.60 a half.

Viv found the comfy seats

Very dog friendly – they came out with a bowl and treats for Toby.

Lots of weddings today – not sure about that dress??