A Grand Day Out – Ilkeston Brass Band


Another hot day – Sunday and what to do? Viv looked up a “What’s On” web page and found that the Ilkeston Brass Band were playing their first concert in Ilkeston – Victoria Park. Only a 12 minute train ride. Hmm, it turned out to be a 30 minute walk to the station and then a 40 minute walk, uphill to the park but it was a Grand Day out! Smoked salmon & cucumber sandwiches packed & off we went.

Someone now has a Senior railcard and so the return fare was only £3.65

Found the station but where were’s t’park?

Ah, found the Erewash canal (see blogs passim)

Following Viv’s Google map directions we arrived – and a very nice park it was too. We were just an hour early – time to eat sarnies and admire the empty bandstand

Come 1330 and it started to fill with various musicians and their instruments

Bit of a mixed bag of music with a lot of new stuff, like Harry Potter themes. They did give quite a few soloists a go, including some youngsters, which was nice. A young lad played a muted trumpet playing a great ragtime jazz piece. Here is a guy playing the cornet (Spanish Eyes) and they had a good go at Khachaturian’s Masquerade suite (waltz) . . .

The only pain was dear old Toby!  He doesn’t like loud noises and a brass band did do a few of those. At first he sat and shivered. The he hid behind the seat. Then he sneaked off into the trees behind, so we had to move! Big, bold, fearful dog, eh? It was a grand day – very warm and a lovely, British thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

So it was time for us to be Westering Home . . . .

Via one or two “refreshment” stops. This one stocked Shipstones – a rejuvenated brewery. Steve had a pint of Farady (?). Then it was a quick stop at the Vat & Fiddle in Nottingham.

Home to a Sicilian salad . .  orange slices, onions, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and Sicilian olive oil .