Climate Change? What Climate Change?

It was forecast and lo it did get Scorchio indeed. Records broken . . .34.7°C and nearly that inside the boat too! Bedroom was a sauna. All the boats around us stayed put. Wednesday night Steve went to the Anchor with Simon & Charlie – food OK, usual 40 minute wait for a burger & chips! Thursday was the hottest – and our 38th anniversary, so we stayed put and cooked a chicken madras curry with a diy trifle to follow and lots of gin & fresh limes (run out of tonic! Gasp!!). Our closest neighbour Matt joined us a drink (his boat is Contrazoom, interesting . . ). Not much sleep that night.

Simon, Charlie and Toby2 – with Simon standing on the gunwale, as Charlie is now slightly taller than his Dad!
The next day – we moved off at 0845 – a tad cooler and the open road beckons us
Yes, with reference to the title . . . records broken in just 7 months!
And ere we be . . . again. An historic site
Ah, poor Viv . . . hobbling along with her bad knee and twisted ankle. Current medical practice is to keep walking on these injured limbs . . . especially when . . .
. . . there’s a pub in sight! Here’s the famous Greyhound – time for the promised anniversary meal
Very friendly (note the bar staff!) and served very promptly – Purity “Bunny Hop”, followed by a pint of Thatcher’s Cheddar Valley. Viv had one of their famous pies (Chicken) and Steve had their beef rib on horseradish mash – yum.
final resting place – dog on towpath with one of his toys, as usual
Here for a day or two . . . maybe . . . stores getting low . . .