And on the Seventh Day, they entered the Ashby Canal


Yea, verily, after a long six hour cruise, we made it to bridge 5 on the Ashby canal. Said goodbye to Rugby, Newbold, Brinklow, All Oaks and then the Hawkesbury Junction, up the Coventry for a bit and then Marston junction. 0915 to 1530. A long day for us but our old mate, Mark on Tamsin, was waiting for us there and we had a cold bottle of Cava that needed sharing (again).

Viv steers over the aqueduct . . . and past (not in this time) M&S . . . .

Busy, busy but no boats behind . . . a very scenic and much cooler day

Past Lime Farm marina

Here’s one for Stephen & Lucia . . . a bridge 42

At last, Toby, happy to be asleep on the rear deck. Not much room here but a happy-ish and a very tired dog . . . Are we there yet??

You can tell the temperature has dropped to near normal, as we’re eating soup again and very nice it was too.

This place in Bedworth is still for sale . . . nice if you’ve a million to spare.

Marston junction – tricky to get in but we do.

Welcome to the Ashby Canal

A notoriously shallow (in places) canal but very rural and peaceful