Adagio Sails Out – Shakedown cruise

With the forecast of a glorious couple of days we set off to our favourite location – bridge 27. Time to see what works and what doesn’t! Will the batteries last, will Viv polish the mushrooms, is the engine OK . . .  also it’s time to plan our cruise for the year . . . or not!

Off to the wild, blue Honda (Isuzu) . . .

Beautiful day – sun glinting off the lacquered bear!

Even Steve is slightly happy

Note to CRT – get the lads out and cut these branches – less than half the canal width here.

Turned at bridge 28 then moored up – solar panels facing the sun – time for chores but what’s this? A floating bonfire sails towards us . . .

It can’t be – it is – it’s Simon & Charlie on Empress!

They swung the boat and came back for tea before heading back to the marina

Time for those mushrooms and other chores . . . (Brassmate then a coat of wax)

Clean & shiny

Bye bye Simon – the Ruston 2 cylinder needs a bit of attention but at least it works

Round the woods with Toby and chance of a view of the lovely rural spot – it gives a hint at why we like it out here and only an hour or so from the marina.

Zooming in on the boat and there’s Viv finishing the last of the mushrooms

Tomorrow, it’s bitumen on the rusty spots on the hull and then all the windows.  Meanwhile time to enjoy the longer evenings, the sunset and a glass of wine