Wrenbury & Bhurtpore

Further on and further up – heading towards the Holy Land! We drove on further into this very rural and quiet canal – up the two Swanley locks, past Swanley marina and then up the Baddiley locks – trying to vector in against the very strong bywash at the foot of each lock. This canal has always been a feeder waterway down to Hurleston reservoir – something that helped preserve it but it does mean there’s often quite a flow. And then it was the approaches to Wrenbury.

All very quiet and scenic
the lunchtime walk to Aston – only 45 minutes!
over the wee river weaver
across fields
and stiles, where could they all be going?
hmm, pretty good guess, there could be a pub involved and well worth the trek – one of the best pubs we’ve ever found! The Bhurtpore Inn – seehttps://www.bhurtpore.co.uk/
A dozen real ales on cask and plenty more on keg – see their website, which unusually lists them all! http://www.bhurtpore.com/draft.php
We tried “It’s Never One” and here Steve tries Salopian “Marches”. They also have a huge menu, including their homemade curries (continuing the Indian connection) – we had a mutton curry and a chicken & spinach balti – excellent . . . time to walk it off
A different route back, longer but with minimal roads – including a ford

Well, we did drag Toby all that way and so a promised swim was on the cards.