Winter Escape – more . .

So where are we? Trefin – house is Hafan – the big one, centre right photo
And zoomed out – gives you some idea of proximity of the sea
A few cottages going for sale – this one opposite Hafan, up the valley
Quite nice – annex too – all for £585,000
How the other live, eh? Blinis for tea.
Lots of snowdrops on a walk from the woollen mill, down to the two beaches; Aberbach & Abermawr
Lots and lots of snowdrops (near Melin Tregwynt)
Footpath to Aberbach beach
Two cottages on this path – this the last one . .
Didn’t think it was for sale but lovely position
acres of bloomin gorse
Aberbach beach – Toby swim – tricky getting us across here
Short walk round to the other beach – Abermawr
Wonderful beach, submerged, petrified forest plus failed terminal for Brunel’s transatlantic rail terminal
Meanwhile, the woollen mill – Melin Tregwynt has given its cafe a wonderful makeover and is open everyday! Time for some cawl.
The former cafe was very dated and small – this one is much more chic
with lots of local scenes
and the shop . . . all homespun . . woollen blankets £260!