The First Snow of the Winter

Well, it’s been sub-zero here and we’ve had frosts but this was the first snow which fell late last night, as forecast.  Not a lot but enough for Toby to roll around in and lose the ball.

This end of the marina is still frozen

chance for some arty pix

No, Viv hasn’t been speared – just her walking stick with a knob on the end.

Our end of the marina – mainly ice free – the ducks, geese and swans can swim freely here.

trying to copy the same photo taken last year – not quite enough icicles?

I bought 160 kg of coal yesterday – thinking we may get frozen in!  I also bought a bag of reconstituted logs – HotMax, only £5.50 for 20kg – give it a go! They do seem to be good and can get the morning dormant fire back to life in 30 mins … any fool can be cold!