Summer Cruise#2-Day16


Rain was threatened but in the end we saw none. Off by 0920 and our chance to study this lovely canal – the Shroppie. Under the M54 the over the A5 (Watling St)

A fairly straight canal with lots of either embankments or cuttings

Steve tries to sit on top of the boat to steer (and pose)

Only one lock for days at Wheaton Aston, where we stopped for water and fuel at the marvellous Turner’s garage – thanks to Hodmadod for the recommendation and at 56.9 p/litre a very good price. Why do we pay 76 in Yelvertoft (et al)???

Unfortunately, our Boggle jumped off the boat and dropped his ball in the canal!

We couldn’t get to it as we were refuelling!! But afterwards we tracked it down and the ball retrieval team deployed the special kit reserved for this operation.

We often take piccies of wildlife and here were two llamas!

Only one tunnel on the whole canal and ere tis, Cowley Tunnel, 81 yds

We got to another weird-to-pronounce town, Gnosall (Nossal) and walked the mile into town to find the much acclaimed, nay, pub of the year for Staffordshire, the George & Dragon. It was an off-licence for 20 odd years run by George & Lynn, they converted it to a pub a few years ago – a lovely, homely place with lots of real ale, good ciders and a good price (£2.90 a pint for beer!), here’s Lyn:

Interesting furniture

And even more interesting, the beers . . .

Steve tried a few then went on to the ciders . . . .