Summer Cruise#2-Day 6 Rest Day


It’s Sunday and still bloody hot mate, as the Aussies may well say. Our plan to tackle the 21 locks ahead of us is postponed to Monday, when the forecast is more temperate plus, we’d like to have a day off and see something of Warwick – not a city, no cathedral but a jolly good town to visit, as we found out. Plus today, 9th July, they have a Chilli Festival on. Yum.  We walked the two or so miles into town, admired the chilli and assorted food stalls, had a Thai street food dish for lunch, a pint and a general wander around. Steve went up the tower of the huge church whilst Viv looked around inside with Toby in tow. Lots of famous tombs here (Earl of Leicester, old Dudley himself). We also picked up a natty hand made and hand painted dish from Spain that has raised bits for grating garlic, chocolate, lemons, ginger etc. Nice.

We said goodbye to Graham & Josie! Bon Voyage.


Some very interesting architecture in Warwick – this 17th C sundial

The Crown court and the vast church!

With an unusual arch – Steve went up the tower! Here’s the view from the top – if you can ignore the puffing and panting!! Good views of Warwick race course & the castle.

Meanwhile back in the market square – the food festival – lots of churros, Thai food, various forms of chilli inspired grub, cannolis, ice creams, biltong, fudge etc

Very colourful . . .

Poor Toby, dragged along . . . Steve tries some of the Reaper Relish!!

Good stuff.

And on to the grockle tour . .  ye olde partes . . .

Here’s some static views from the tower:

Quite a scorcher day but glad we made the effort to explore Warwick. Viv’s got her neat little gadget – have to try it out: