Summer Cruise#1 Day 9


No pix today see blogs passim, on from Springwood Haven to Atherstone. Slight pause as a Skipper Steve found that the radiator cap came apart in his hands when checking the coolant level. Hmm, they are not all the same. The adjacent marina couldn’t help,us as there were too many to chose from. On to Atherstone. Luckily, the auto shop helped as they scratched their heads and ordered one. Be here 0830 tomorrow. Oh good. It took me a two mile walk to get there and back. So, same again tomorrow. Luckily, the Angel was open (N. Warks. Pub of the year last year) and made it worthwhile. Still, it is a nice spot between locks 9 and 10. Viv did good by driving ALL the locks. Unfortunately, I think she has had enough and this may well be our last . Me too. I’m not finding this enjoyable and having a partner who hates it doesn’t help. So anyone want to buy a boat?

And then my tooth fell out – looks like an old crown plus bits underneath, yuk. Is there a dentist in Atherstone?? Tis Thursday now (Maundy Thursday) and Viv admits it was a bit of a Black Dog day, yesterday, when there were toooo many boats coming towards her and the wind kept pushing the boat away the lock she had expertly lined up! So maybe not sell up just yet then? 🙂  The nice chaps at Denplan (for which I pay nearly £1 a day) said they’d help, even though we are (unbelievably) less than 40 miles from our home surgery. So all good – ish then. OK here’s some pix then . . .

Not too early for bluebells?

The best view when approaching a flight of locks – volunteers at the ready and paddles up! The top of Atherstone flight of 11 locks – with help through the top five.

And on to the long gap between locks 9 and 10 – ideal mooring spot

Very quiet but also a fair way back . . .!

A few passing boats – including this friendly, single-hander  . . .

And just for completion . . . the offending items – radiator cap in 3 pieces plus tooth!


Well, the end of Maundy Thursday, some success today; I walked the long walk into Atherstone but the “auto equip” order was toooo small. Shame. Denplan came good. A nice Jordan phoned around and got me an appointment for 1230 and even though we are less than the stipulated & won’t pay, 40 miles, they agreed to cover us as we couldn’t easily jump in a car and get back to Long Buckby! And I can say, it all worked. Dentist saw me 10 minutes early (a first ever in 40 yrs) and did a bit of drilling then put a dressing on . . .10 minutes and £20.60.  I think Denplan can manage that.  Hopefully we can find a supplier for my radiator cap – Alvecote yard (a few miles ahead of us) couldn’t help but were very friendly. If we moor near the Tame aqueduct tomorrow we can walk to Halfords in Tamworth – such excitement!

Talking of excitement – we just seen the Easter bunny, no not really, just about 6 boats all full with scouts, then guides . . . a bit late (1900?) and with 9 locks above them, a challenge! Steamed salmon fillets, fresh greens and homemade savoury rice (basmati, chinese 5 spice, peas, mushrooms, red pepper and fried egg!).

As my TV keeps telling me . . .    Life’s Good!