Summer Cruise#1 Day 4


So nice to hear birdsong, albeit a blackbird at 0428 this morning and then skylarks! It’s Saturday and probably a busy boating day with hirers setting off. It’s also set for a cloudless, warm day, so we’re staying put, soaking up them rays, well the PV cells are. We may skedaddle off to Hillmorton later for a stroll.

Meanwhile, we made a list of the boats on the move yesterday, which was a quiet day really:

  • Clent, Cape Warbler, Eliza, Horus, Dragonfly, The Andrew, Phyllis May II, Penarrow, Olivia, Apprentice, The Bowman, Brendon, Pandeford, Vanyar, Solitude, Barleyadola and our friends on Hodma’dod.