Summer Cruise#1 – Day 13


With the prospect of a dull day, washing needed doing plus batteries down to 65%, we decided to move on to Alrewas – just 2.25 miles and 5 locks away.  The next day, Tuesday looks set to be fair and sunny, so a good day to stay put.  With 3 lock volunteers on and boats coming up the locks, we sailed through . . .

Lock 16 – Junction lock

You have to watch your stern – too close and you get that damp feeling in your trousers!

Lock 17 – Keeper’s Lock – looking back at the busy Fradley junction.

Viv gets to work & Toby just takes it easy

Nice to find lock volunteers – always friendly & helpful

Less than an hour later and we reached Alrewas (Ol-ree-wuss), lock 13, Bagnall lock and into the cutesie-pie village.  Twas famous for it’s basket weaving. It has a famous butcher, post office, Co-op and three pubs (we scrutinised each one with an intense scrute – none seemed worthy of a visit having mainly ales that didn’t float our boat!)

Adagio rests up at the visitor moorings.

An amazing amount of ancient and mainly thatched properties.

Here’s where we be . . . last year we went all the way to the end at Preston Brook and beyond.  This time it’s to Shardlow . . . and beyond.

One slightly dodgy piece of navigation ahead of us – the Trent makes a very brief appearance, as it enters the canal and then leaves. The “danger gauge” is to the left of the lock – all calm & serene and in the green now. This can cause the canal to be closed when in flood . . meanwhile, here’s a photo for me Dad – a very wee bowling green!

And here’s the mighty river Trent . . . flowing under this walkway

Along the “canal” for a bit and then exits right, over a large weir.

Always a big sign but I note the symbol in the triangle is a narrowboat!

Ship’s Log: 2.25 miles and 5 locks today. Engine hours read 2432.6 hrs.