Steve’s Birthday & Market Harborough/Foxton Locks

Yes, it’s the Ol Codger’s birthday and we went off to Market Harborough for the day – about 30 minutes away and also a walk around the famous Foxton staircase locks

Here we are at the old wharf, about half a mile from the town centre. We first came here 20 years ago – with Buster. It was very derelict then with broken buildings and not a nice place to stop.  Now, it’s all refurbished and chic!

Lunch in the Three Swans (even a star filter does little to enhance the subject matter!).

On to Foxton locks – a clever flight of seven staircase locks – each one joined to the next, which gives rise to some pretty deep lock chambers

Time read the Towpath Talk paper

There used to be an inclined plane here – a sloping escalator that dragged boats uphill in big caissons … all gone now

it reduced the transit time of the staircase locks, quite a feat

A grand day out followed by a cook-in, wine and of course some birthday cigars – thanks chaps!