Staying put for five nights

So, the forecast was spot on – I use the Met Office 5 day forecast. Normally quite good and I think they change it around 0900, when they get to the office and kick the computer I guess. We generally stay put on high days & holidays – toooo many boats and cyclists and walkers etc. We’re old & wise enough to let em all go by. It also means we don’t have to run the engine – no, not once, in all the five days. The 400W of solar power kept us all topped up, despite watching TV and showing some DVDs…

Short video of why we don’t get going when the sun shines . . .
Someone left the paddles slightly open on the bottom lock and caused the pound above to drop a couple of feet!
Here’s the base station for the weather station – note the inside/outside temperatures! It also shows the UV (factor 6) and 802 W/m2 – gives me an indication what we should be harvesting.
And here’s Viv’s little friends! Normally heard, rather than seen – dabbling at our boat, around 0500 in the morning!! We have a huge bag of duck food and Viv feeds them, often. I’m sure they follow us along the canal.
And now sleeping it all off!!
Another hot day and a good sunset. Such a still scene.
Our old doilies are looking a bit tired. They get snagged on the clasp and we keep bleaching/washing them but Viv got it into her head “I can make those!”. So off to the craft shop in Atherstone – one crochet hook and a few bundles of cotton later. I think each one takes 150m of cotton!
And here’s one Viv made earlier. Neat
Not quite a David Attenborough but I’m spotting lots of wildlife along the canal and in the the small sections of woodland – seen lots of butterflies: orange tip, common blue (above?), speckled wood, peacock a small tortoiseshell. I also saw a Jay in the woods.
And here’s the happy stitcher – 2nd one on the go. Keeps her quiet – as would a Margarita!