Reservoir Dog

The windy weather has stopped, as has the rain – so a day out would be nice. But, where to go?  Somewhere where’s there’s no mud? And dogs allowed?

Viv did her research and found this! £2 car parking but it looked good. Unusually for a reservoir, they allow dogs and they can even go in the water.

Lots of wildlife  …

Time for J&P to “Name that bird!” . .  there’s more to go

No bird here but a Flubber Wubber …

There’s a complete circular walk as well as many side walks too …

We did see a Martin Pescador (honest) but the blue flash was all too brief and the camera wasn’t to hand . .

Arty photos (the “toy” setting)

They have lots of bird watching platforms (just no birds) apart from my favourite water fowl – the widgeon! They have a lovely call and despite my imitation they didn’t come any closer … maybe it was the big black beast that put them off

And lastly a photo called, Spot the bird! We’re sure the orange one is a plastic one! Any ideas?