Cold, wet n windy but let’s go out! Heard about Northampton marina and also wanted to see where CRT (Canal & River Trust) ends and EA (Environment Agency) starts. So we drove down to Northampton – about 20 – 30 mins away. Parked in Morrison’s and walked around to the river Nene.  The marina seemed to be on an island, so no vehicular access.  It all seemed quite pleasant but speaking to some of the inmates, if you had a car, you had to park it in the multi-storey for £10 a week.  Hmm, not for us but nice to visit another marina and walk along the river.


Quite a pleasant waterfront but some signs of decay.  The riverside walk carries on, past the giant Carlsberg brewery, where, opposite is the final lock of the Northampton arm (CRT territory).



A cold and bitter day but at least we have seen more bits of canal/river.