New Year’s Day Walk 2016

Despite the jollificatons with fellow boaters over in the coffee lounge for New Year’s Eve and then returning to chez nous bateau for further imbibement of wine and watching the fireworks and then turning in at 0145 … we managed to be up and atom by the usual time  …  we went for a walk up Cracks hill (bit of a tautology as Crick or Crack is the ancient word for hill).

And on top of the stone monument is . . 

Some indication of where things are . . blue line is the canal. Cracks hill looks over the village of Crick as well as Jn 18 (M1) and the huge DIRFT terminus.

All for Dog! 

The canal wanders right around the hill – note the picnic benches … more for the Summer . .

Village of Crick with the spire of St Mary of Antioch

There’s a beacon on the top plus Viv & Toby . .  spot the ball contest