More Beer

Now that’s definitely a Christmassy theme!! And more fun to ponder than the costs of a boat.  My 2nd batch of home brew has arrived!  The highly praised Russian Imperial Stout 7.7%


It certainly looks the business and to quote their website, “

This is absolutely the best beer kit in the world (for people looking for a strong Stout) and includes almost TWICE as many ingredients by weight than the very best competing kits.” I get this from up in Chesterfield. They’re doing a sale at the moment and also post-free if your spend so much, so I bought a more normal stout as well.


Quite a full kit with 5 kg of malt, 2 bags of Columbus hops and Nottingham yeast.  They even supply brewing sugar & priming sugar too.  Should be ready to drink in January and at 7.7% … only available in half pints (yeah right).

Beer started 17th – a very rich and black wort … 1074 was the O.G. !! Yeast seems to be off already . .  there’s a lot of sugar to get through.