Miguel – tiempo tormentoso

Yes, storm Miguel blows in and we have yellow rain warnings for days! We moved on today, Tuesday, in the light drizzle, to Ellesmere and went off to buy more coal! Coal! I mean buying coal in June! And nearly mid-June at that.

A Tad cold and a constant drizzle but we only met one boat! Some Kiwis, dressed in shorts but wearing a thin cagoule! Shouting, nice weather for ducks! Bless em.

Many thanks to TG builders, in Ellesmere, for having a bag of coal and alerting me to the fact that because I also purchased some kindling and firelighters, I would get their Buy 3 and get the cheapest free! I also stopped at the famous Vermeulen deli and bought wonderful homemade pies, Klonakilty black & white puddings, a giant custard tart and a cherry Madeira cake! Well, ”tis time for some comfort food.

One of the downsides of being so ruralated (my new word), is by definition, you are a long way from civilisation. Steve often has tooth trouble and a filling/bit of tooth came away last week. Luckily we subscribe to Denplan and they are very good – you tell them where you are and they not only find a dentist but book the appointment. Today, we were unlucky – they couldn’t sort me out. No worries, we’ll try again when we’re a little nearer bigger towns. The fire’s on and despite the constant rain and temperatures straining to make double figures – we are cosy and warm

The atrocious weather (and I do feel so sorry for all these hire boaters, no I do!) reminds me of one of our favourite songs – just replace December with June!! And if you’re feeling a bit flighty, underwear for overcoat 😱