Maiden Voyage – Day Two – Keynsham to Bath

We had to get to Swineford Lock (No.3) by 10 and so we set off shortly after nine – hoping it all would all work out; we could get through the lock and there wouldn’t be a huge queue.

Above: Swineford Lock – all quiet, serene and empty!

Plain sailing from here:

Bridge 208 and the Boathouse pub.

And on in to Bath . .

Bath bottom lock and that nice tree and pound that you see from the road but never know where it is! It leads onto Bath Deep Lock (2nd deepest on the system) and like a bubble bath when both paddles are open:

And some welcome help from our dear friend Rob Gilmour!

Thanks Rob!

And then the now infamous Abbey lock – site of that unfortunate sinking just a few weeks ago! No waurez for us but some obvious cill damage!

Onwards to Sydney gardens and find a place to moor for the night

We met 2 boats hired from Foxhangers – full of German students. A bit wary of them at first  but they were charming. We shared locks and they were really very considerate.  We finally went on to a clear stretch to moor – a bit close to the main line to London but it was otherwise peaceful and easy to find as Rob & Sheila were due to visit for a meal.  The first we have cooked on board.