Liveaboards at Last

Well, we spent a week cleaning and clearing the house. Lizzie & Charlie are our lovely new tenants – we met up on Friday morning, signed the papers and left!  Goodbye Blagdonia – hello Yelvertoft.

Sooooooooo much stuff! But time to walk Toby up Cracks Hill in the sunshine.

This is the marina looking back down from the Hill:

Friday night saw us eating out at the Wheatsheaf in Crick – wonderful food & a good variety of beers too. Saturday saw more unpacking & stowing it all away. The marina had a big party – it’s Hallowe’en! We were totally shattered but thought we ought to pop in for a bit …

A lot of the boaters had definitely got in the mood …

They even had their own band … plus 3 barrels of real ale, food and fun!

Today, Sunday, it’s now November but the sun’s out & the solar panels are soaking it up.  Looks like we’ve finally got everything stowed … how many inches are we down in the water??

Next week is chill time – getting used to this new life and shopping for food and bits for the boat . .  always bits for the boat! Still we have our Glencadam to keep us warm – cheers!

Nearly straight inside …