It Rained

It rained as promised but only after we had moored up, Camelot weather indeed. The Mucky Duck (Swan Inn) was only a few hundred yards behind us, so that was lunch sorted. The sun kept coming out again as per the song:

It was just a garden in the rain – and then the sun came out again . .

A much nicer pub all round (I know two pubs in two days, what will people think?! But then we haven’t eaten out at all on this trip, so catching up. Oink). I often write TripAdvisor reviews – I think I’m a senior reviewer with over 75,000 views of my reviews and level 21 restaurant reviewer – so watch out! To be honest, I tend to only give positive reviews, unless something is really dire. It is quite a magnet for canal users, being at Fradley junction:

Beers weren’t that great – all Everards but they did have Thatcher’s Gold and Viv had Purity Longhorn (keg and £2.30 for a half!). But the lasagne was terrific – a good homemade portion with seperate bowls of chips, salad (with a dressing and all the seeds removed from the tomatoes and cucumber, very restauranty?) and garlic bread. Good value at £9.95.

Today’s quiz and to test if you’ve been paying attention. We are at the red arrow and plan to get to the yellow arrow but which way?
Final spot – Viv & Toby peeking out. Just above Shade House lock, now on the Trent & Mersey canal.
Poor Toby – getting on a bit. Nice picture of the cleaned TV screen – usually covered in brown spots – thanks Toby.
A break in the rain . . . time for a ball game

Some sunset pix . .

Wonderfully calm & clear after the rain – would make one of those “inspirational” posters?