We’re Free!


Well, maybe a bit overly dramatic but yes, we are Free!

So the plan is to move towards Marbury – some 3 hours away . . .

Full credit to the guys working for CRT for getting the navigation navigable again, even if it is rather restricted. After receiving this memo, we decided to move down the locks today. The chains had come off! Firstly, Steve had to cycle into town to pick up an Amazon order for some new underwear (and was tickled when asked “do you want to track your package?”). This was collected plus some essentials from Tesco’s. We swung the boat and after lunch, descended the triple staircase locks with help from John the lockie and Viv. We are now sitting just along from the bottom 3 single locks, so I suppose, still in Grindley Brook but will move off early tomorrow, hopefully ahead of the herd. (Stampede?). Hopefully too we may hook up with our old travelling chum & beer consultant, David Thomas who is passing through these parts – with the lure of abundant real ales in the Bhurtpore Inn, for example. Meanwhile, there’s still a chance of a snack back in the ever delightful Horse & Jockey.