I almost enjoyed it

Sunday and time to move on. Six more locks – through Etruria, Stoke, Hem Heath and then Barlaston. The sun was now out.

This must have been quite a busy place 100 years ago. Westport, Longport, Middleport . The heart of the Potteries . . . Spode, Wedgewood, PortMeirion…
Middleport pottery is still functioning and producing, well, pots . .
And here are some . . .
The place is open 10-5 every day and has a good cafe
I wouldn’t call this area pretty but they do try – some nice animal murals . . .
And the best showing of poppies yet
The Stoke water park . . I can’t see these things and not think of the Not the Nine o’clock News sketch where they emptied into a sewage outlet . . .
More wildlife – Toby didn’t get to see this rabbit.
Lots of new signs . . .
Etruria Locks (19 feet – 3 locks) – Stoke locks (50 feet in total)
It felt deep. And wet.
Out for a Sunday morning stroll – must be the second or third batch??
Lots of pottery kilns (dis.)
And ancient mariners (almost dis.)
No, this area is def. not pretty but it’s not long to the more rural bits
And interesting names . . .
Ah, the big Stoke incinerator – def. designed by a man, eh?
A big reminder of the coal digging past – Great Fenton & Hem Heath collieries
The last lock of the day – Trentham (nearly 12 feet)
Final stopping place – Barlaston – why here – see below . . .
This a good stop as Neil Morrissey has his pub, the Plume of Feathers here. Lots of real ale (Pedigree, Black, Sheep, Jaipur, Plum Porter plus his own brews). The food wait was over an hour, well, it is a Sunday! Beer will do us.
And here’s the man himself – with his dog. Could explain why the pub is so dog friendly.
Link to the pub: http://www.plumeoffeathersbarlaston.co.uk/

Steve has put his back out – must be all those 32 locks – so a day off tomorrow. And why the title? Well, some bits of our travels have been a bit stressful, hard work, wet etc. So today was, yes, almost enjoyable. 😉