Heatwave in Yelvertoft 

Phew, ever since we’ve back it’s been Scorchio! 32 degrees in the boat right now.

Time to do lots of boat chores, wash the car (3 months of crust), de rust bits of boat, buy stuff – yes, Steve always wanted a sound bar for the TV as he no longer has his hifi on board. So he’s bought this Azatom thing (see Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014O6OHPY) through which we can play the TV as well as stream radio and music via Bluetooth wifi etc. Viv’s got a bread maker coming as we do miss making our own breads. Another arrival was a strange box from Penny & Jenny – Plymouth gin and tonic! What a nice home coming present!

They are currently unwell at the moment – so get well soon! Cheers