Gunpowder, treason & plot

It’s quite rural up here, despite being just minutes away from the infamous Watford Gap services, junction 18, M6, M45 and the A5! 

Whenever we drive out, we always seem to pass signs for Ashby St Ledgers but never go to it … so today we did. We parked by the ancient church and walked across muddy fields to the staircase locks at Watford … and back.

The church is quite famous – see

As is the manor house and village – being the HQ for the Gunpowder plot!

With it’s unusual wall paintings (skeleton) and the flagellation of St Margaret (ca. 1325)

And our destination … across those very muddy fields  …

(I kegged the beer this morning – tastes great – heaps of licorice & chocolate plus about 7.6% . .  ready in a week or so …)