From one rural idyll to another – Springwood Haven


Well, I can’t keep on calling each post Moving On, wouldn’t be right. Stands to reason. Sorry, been watching a lot of Endeavour – we bought the boxed set and are wending our way through them. They are very good. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll begin . . . Atherstone was great but Saturday looked to be a tad cloudy and then the forecast for the following week, the last in June was set to be Scorchio, so we decided to chug along – doing the 9 locks ahead of us but no rush.  If we go slowly, then maybe, just maybe, someone will come down, setting the lock in our favour.  I must mention, if only DT’s pleasure, that I discovered a new pub – the New Swan. This rather ancient but wonderful pub, in the market square, served 3 Church End beers and at good prices (£3.20) plus they have a new pop-up-van in their courtyard selling burritos and salad boxes – all very pleasant. The Angel Tap is the place to go but they don’t open until 4. Lovely.

Sunset – last night in Atherstone

Down by lock10

And Viv’s birthday seems to go on and on . . . the last bottle of Cava!

During the day that Solar Kettle does it job – 0.5 litre boiling water in an hour or so

Toby gets a new toy after a passing dog took (with our permission) his old piggie

Right 9 locks to do – Viv does 4 and then we swap round for the last 5

Here’s the Plant Boat – seen last year in Brewood – Neil on Jodarolo.  Bought a pot of marjoram from him to add to our herb pot.

And there’s Neil himself!

Top of the locks – ably assisted by 3 volunteers – made the ascent quite easy & enjoyable as they are all quite chatty.

Time to take on water and then on to Springwood Haven – just another hour.

Marvelous sunset – the water very still, so brilliant reflections.

And Sunday morning – here we be! A very rural spot. Ideal to stop for a few days as the solar energy will keep us going.

Just back round the corner is this delightful marina – with Onboard Energy – specialising in Victron products (so Steve went and spent money on a new Victron battery monitor – does Bluetooth, so he can be even more nerdy and watch all those ickle electrons coming and going via his phone!)

Here’s a long shot, showing just how rural we are. Only a few miles from Nuneaton.