Four’s Company with Two’s Company

A lovely morning’s cruise down through Great Haywood – just three little locks and moor at Wolseley Bridge to await the arrival of Stephen & Lucia on Twos Company.

Colwich lock and a fairly quiet cruise
We only had 2 hours to get to Wolseley bridge, so we were there about 11. Another hour later and . . “They’re here!”. They were doing the Leicester Ring but had spurred up the 4 – 5 hrs from Fradley Junction to meet up with us at bridge 70 – so very nice of them . . . just so we can all go to the Shimla Palace restaurant. They needed to turn their boat around, so they shanghaied me to help them do the 3 locks (twice!) . . .
Yes, they do hail from Syracusa
Bye Steve! See you in an hour or so.
Our final mooring spot – chairs out for cocktails at 1845 – time for a “Bitter Lady” – very nice
Here they are moored ahead of us.
It turned out to be a very nice evening
Speaks for itself
And there’s the mighty Trent – yes, Toby get his promised swim earlier on but he’ll have to be a good boy and stay on the boat tonight.
Here’s the Indian restaurant, Shimla Palace
And curiously, a Wine Loft, formed from the former bull pen, moved brick by brick from Bishton.
A veritable Aladdin’s Cave of wines, gins etc
And here’s the team after the splendid meal – having had their fill of Tawa’s, Achari’s and Naga dishes – highly recommended.