Ellesmere & Meze

We left Whixall early and chugged on to Ellesmere – passing a hire base and many of the meres on the way. Some parts were wide and deep, others narrow and shallow. At each bridge hole, we almost came to a standstill as the flow against us slowed us down – it’ll be more fun going back! I sounded the horn at every bridge as there was a flow of boats.

Telford wanted to save time and money by making his canal pretty straight, when he could.
And those tight squeezes through the bridge holes
Always a bit of trepidation . . .
One of the many lakes or meres
And finally Ellesmere tunnel and despite the warning to “check no other is coming before entering”, this charity boat didn’t and had to back off!! Adagio is coming through!
There’s a short arm down towards the town – it seemed pretty busy and later on, every berth was occupied.
Final spot – down to the end, tricky place to spin the boat but then back up and moor. Tesco is down the end on the left. Very busy here – lots of footfall and lots of dogs too.
After two, yes two, trips to Tesco, we were re-victualled and took ourselves off to the town
Oh look – a micro pub!
A micro entrance maybe but down below was an Aladdin’s Cave of unique furntiure, eclectic? The owner, who sounded a bit like Eddie from Eddie’s Bar in Hustle, spent his spare cash on buying pieces each week for his bar – fantastic! Beer wasn’t too bad either and look – Toby friendly too. The picture is of the building circa 1900.
Cosy! Mr D would love this place.
Toby did get his walk and even a swim in the Mere.
We noticed this place – a Greek restaurant, Meze . . with this sign
Wow, a dog friendly restaurant? We booked to go back later.
Steve tries the Ouzo cocktail! Kerpow! Note the group behind – a Swedish group from a hire boat – I mentioned this place to them and lo, they came.
Very friendly and chatty , they made a great fuss of Toby. It wasn’t a bad restaurant – gave it 3 stars on TripAdvisor!
The next morning – a view of the terminus with Adagio, in the middle. Time to move to a quieter spot round the corner.