Days 15-17

We decided to move the boat down the two remaining locks and get away from the prospect of listing again. CRT know there’s a problem with the leaky locks but they have to prioritise their work and I guess this one is way down the list. We enjoyed our pint in the New Swan (Church End’s Goats Milk, £3.30 and it’s a dog friendly place) and Viv got her crochet kit. Poor Toby was trekked around the shops but got his reward in a swim in the river Anker, close to the new mooring. The forecast was spot on and in fact the boat recorded 30.9 degrees – might have been influenced by the hot roof but it was Scorchio!

The levels had remained low all day, so we moved down through locks 10 & 11.
Toby found his “Flubber”, the floating toy
And had a brief splash about – chance to cool down
Final spot – good views – lots of solar, no one else about and plenty of water
Time for the Naked Chef (?!) to get about his business and cook up his signature dish – Paella. With smoked haddock, cod, salmon and prawns. Using Paellero (well the Spanish use this stuff – it’s a sachet containing all the ingredients you need – turmeric, saffron, cinnamon etc). A prawn cocktail to start with cherry fruits in jelly and sauce anglais (i.e. custard!) to finish. All washed down with a nice bottle of Puglia. Hard times eh?
It got pretty hot today and we were rewarded with a decent sunset too. This’ll do us here for a few days – rains due next week (but only in the afternoons!)
Here’s the short video of that leaky lock gate – No 10