Day Two – heatwave

0925 start again – not much planned except Viv wants to go to Idiot’s Field, sorry Elliot’s Field, in Rugby to get to an M&S, other than that we’re off on what turned out to be the hottest of day of the year so far!! Scorchio!

This was the inside temperature.

But it was a lovely day. Bit of a queue at the Hilmorten locks but then a chance to chat with the moorers. One couple from Denmark, hiring a boat for three months and the other returning their son’s reconditioned CRT work boat.

All serene at the Hilmorten Locks

And some cute young ones, probably tasty too …

Some lovely scenery, lots & lots of boaters and very, very hot!  Finally moored at the perfect site at All Oaks Wood (see blog passim) again.