Day trip to a brewery

Well, it’s bank holiday weekend and rain forecast. What are we gonna do? Let’s head off to Atherstone and the Church End brewery’s Tap, only 45 mins away and an easy drive up the A5. Plus, we can walk Toby on the canal and down past all those locks wot we did!

The Tap was not easy to find (CV10 0RD) but was quit a pleasant surprise, a modern place with two bars and a green.

Through the windows sit the mash tuns for the beer. And what beer! We’ve never had one that we didn’t like? Here’s their list for this weekend:

Stout Coffin was delicious!

We strolled down the five locks and came across our old friends Leah & Norman on their narrowboat Brindley. We were with them in Liverpool and spent a happy week getting to know them, and they thought they’d got shot of us eh? We hope to see them again soon. And then the forecast proved all too true with 2 hours of torrential rain with thunder and lightning.