Day Four – or is it? Who’s counting?

Well, we really must be getting the boating way of life – TV hasn’t been on once. We both lost count of the day (a common problem with the G&T diet). Viv went off shopping Tesco’s (Goodbye, dear, have a nice time), whilst I pored over the laptop doing this blog … I then went off for a quick tour of the city centre – bought about 3 lb grapes for a pound in the market! And some licorice …hmm, combine that with last night’s curry … explosive! We then decided to push on for a quieter night at Wanlip – nice water park there and a chance of a good walk and swim for the dog. A 3 hour trip which was about right – from grotty backside view of Leicester, to the large weirs with no signage! Luckily there’s no flow today.  The river Soar was serene and with the amazing hot weather, made for a lazy, hazy day of Summer:


Belgrave lock  – with the National Space Centre in the background plus our friends on Silkwood, returning to base.  

The Soar river was soporific – a very enjoyable cruise with all manner of wildlife

A helpful father & son at Birstall eased us into the lock …


And Toby – hot & bothered gets his promised swim at Watermead Park