Day 61 – WetStone

Hmm, taking a dim view of the met Office 5-day forecast. Normally so very accurate but today it let us down. NO mention of rain but from 11 it rained all day . . . only easing off at 3 where we ventured out with the dog. Just for sommit to do, I noted all the boats what went past – nearly 20 of em from 10 to 2!

Brindley, Linnet, Peridot, Many Meetings, Ellesmere Navigator, Roheryn, Antelope, LeoII, Warrior, The Angel’s Share, Northern Lights, Harlequin, Victoria, Frances, Ava, Bethany Bear, Ariadne, Pendlebury, Savannah and Sir Thomas Brocklebank (cafe boat!).

Once the rain had stopped, we took the Boggle off for a walk, down the towpath to Aston Marina just 1.4 miles away . . . some nice houses on the way


Aston Marina was very nice and is very popular – it has a one way system with an entry and exit. It also has a farm shop with a butchers plus a bistro. We spoke to one of the moorers who’d been there for two years and she was most delighted with the place .   . . maybe a future possibility? It rained here too. So we stopped and waited . . .


Two houses – next door to each other but very different


This is the view from the bridge just over the bottom lock


Off on our pub crawl – to find the Lymestone Brewery’s tap, the Borehole


Past the old Joules brewery


And half an hour later, at the Mount Industrial estate is the wee pub


It was a smashing little place , a community pub. it was quiz night and was heaving, so we had a pint and left them to it.  Maybe come back over the weekend – here’s the list of beers and their bar.


They also had Waen brewery’s Lemon Drizzle.


And back via the Royal Exchange, the Titanic brewery pub for a “Plummage” – a mix of Steerage & Plum Porter. Yum.