Day 6 – Coventry Canal End Of

Is it really only Day Six? Seems like we’ve been away and on the water road for years. Wasn’t a great place to moor (Glascote, near bridge 73) – lots of footfall. In fact we had the lot: joggers, walkers, prams, cyclists and even two motorcyclists. Plus it was very hot, again. Still up & atom, away by 0900 and thru the two locks:

Viv then took the helm as we passed over an aqueduct with the river Tame beneath:

And on past the Fazeley junction – turn left and head down the Birmingham & Fazeley canal to Brum. We continue along the scenic Coventry right to the end

The CRT offices, facilities and some long term moorings

Quite a good day for flower photos … flags or marsh irises

and rhododendrons

Through charming villages and even alongside a firing range – don’t often see signs like these

And we passed a few bridges with little lockable doors? Not sure of their use, I’m guessing they would hold the wooden sleepers to close the canal?

Most of the canal was exceptionally scenic  … even when it started to rain

This is the entrance to the Wyrley & Essington canal or Lichfield … under restoration … will make a connection to Birmingham,

And finally, in the rain, we arrive at the junction. Plans are to stay here for a few days.