Day 49 – Lazing in Lymm

Just an hour’s chug to the town of Lymm. We found a mooring place OK, just as well for a few hours later there were 18 boats moored up! It is Saturday, I suppose. The leaky stern gland was still leaking and when we stopped, it carried on dripping! Woe. So technically we were sinking. Time to panic, maybe. I don’t know if it’s my nervy mind but I’m finding a lot of things unsettling- the boat is a tough old bird but there’s always something needing sorting. This gland is not leaking at the shaft/gland interface as was thought but from the seal behind, maybe a Vetus design fault? Anyway, I put some of that expensive silicon grease in the wee hole and the drip stopped instantly. Panic over. For now! I’ve put some of that self-amalgamating tape around it to see it that will do. Time will tell.
We visited the Brewery Tap for some of their excellent beer. Toby got a short walk but lots of splashing about in the brook below us.
We met a lovely couple on Veinarde (lucky, in a French dialect), Ian & Vera. Always good for a natter with fellow boaters. He even brews his own, excellent stout! They are based up here on the Bridgewater.
Lots of comings & goings; both late and very early. I guess the norm for this time of year. I thought, how nice, all quiet by 0030. But I spoke too soon. We are moored on top of a bridge with a longish tunnel and so were treated to a raucous ensemble of inebriated youths, sing and screaming from 0130 to 0230 in this echo chamber. I fell back asleep dreaming of another canal breach and a tsunami consuming these oiks! Maybe Sunday night will be quieter.


We always seem to moor dangerously – on the site of the Bollington breach yesterday and now on top of the tunnel . .

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Hmm, a stag do? Or just a good night out? Two hire boats full of “sailors”

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