Day 47 – 4 hours to Stretford

Sticking to Plan A and now that we are getting on a bit, we like what we know, we chugged out of Leigh and back onto the Bridgewater Canal. A pleasant day with little traffic and good views. Back through Worsley . . 

One day, maybe, the navigation may be restored into the Delph … and into the mines? A pleasant looking place but we did not pause. Some friends from Liverpool said they moored here and had their windows smashed and the boat set loose. I suppose you get Muppets everywhere.

Onwards and back over the Barton aqueduct – concentration required …

Line her up & hope no one’s coming t’other way . .

Great view but still that slightly unnerving feeling. That familiar bank side has fallen away. That reassuring knowledge that you are in a small trough of water has suddenly gone and you are sailing over the Manchester Ship Canal!!

Elicits a “fascinating” from Mr Spock but frankly, it just gave me the willies!

Another half an hour and we were back at Stretford marina – take on water , then slide in to a berth for the night. Elastic trickery provided. It was good to be back. 

Quiet night, fuel and maybe fuel polishing tomorrow! Hector’s House had their fuel polished (which is just a filtering system) and lots of water and black gunge came out:

Night in – cooking a big vat of Chilli with rice n peas plus cocktails – Margarita for Viv.  We had a rather posh one in that Cuban restaurant in Albert Dock but it came out like a slush puppy – that is NOT a Margarita. This is a Margarita:

For the uninitiated or curious. Take 100 ml (well, it is for two of us) of good tequila, add 25 ml of triple sec (Cointreau will do), add the juice of a whole lime, add crushed ice and shake vigorously. To be authentic, wipe the squeezed limes around the edge of the glass and dip into salt (Lo salt, of course) – consume with thoughts of somewhere tropical!  Hmm, this comes to mind … . some time ago in Havana: