Day 4 – Coventry Canal 8th June

Another 9-ish start to the day. This is where we leave our comfort zone of previously travelled canals and head off into the unknown. I had visions of the Coventry Canal being a bit industrial, housing estates … but we were pleasantly surprised – lots of twists and turns and lovely, rural scenery.

And some amazing properties

We went past the entrance to the Ashby Canal at Marston junction – our last trip out.

On past Nuneaton and the old British Waterways yard at Hartshill

And finally to the Atherstone flight of eleven locks – delightfully manned by CRT volunteers. The board said “Sunny & Muggy” – I asked which of them was Muggy?

John helped us through the top lock and stayed with us, working us through the first 5 locks – thanks John!

We then stopped for a re-vittling, yes only 3 days out and more supplies needed! Then on for the last 6 locks, hot & tiring work. Toby had been very good, despite his loathing of the boat that bumps.  He’s always on edge and can’t wait to jump off. He was very tired but I’d promised him a swim and one reason for getting to the end of the locks was that the river Anker comes close by – so a good cooling off for Toby! We also had a tremendous downpour.

Adagio at Atherstone bottom lock.