Day 16 – 14 locks to Wheelock

We had a very damp afternoon and evening on day 15 but found that the nearest pub, the Broughton Arms to be excellent. Not only did they have a dozen or so beers but two pints cost £5! Must make sure we stop here on the way back.  It was also raining heavily the next day so we didn’t set off until after 11. Our plan was to get to Wheelock for the afternoon – so just a few miles but 14 locks to get through.

Unusual to see a mason’s mark on a stone in one of the locks

The rain soon went as did a brief meeting of the canal and the M6

Lots of bird life about as well as quite a few heron

We met a few working boats on their way back to Braunston (the Nuffield et al), this one was towing the next one

It may have only been three and a half hours but it was tiring work.

Narrow but very deep locks

One of the last locks and onto the visitor moorings at Wheelock. A bit of a rest and then over to the huge pet shop to get Toby yet another ball (he’s lost 2 so far) plus some of those dried sausages, I noticed a Chinese take away so that was our supper sorted. We stopped off at the Cheshire Cheese pub for a pint of Hyde’s bitter – hmm, rather old-fashioned soapy beer, never mind plenty back on t’boat.  Tomorrow – Middlewich!