Day 15 – Back to Loughborough

With rain forecast later (we aim to avoid boating in the rain), we set off from Trent Lock at 0840 and steamed from the Trent to the Soar … Kegworth Deep Lock, Normanton, Zouch (pronounced Zotch, we’re told) and back to our mooring right beside the Albion pub.  We gave Toby a decent walk into town via the Organ Grinder (a Blue Monkey Brewery pub – we had some Infinity (quite good) and some Marmoset (OK) – a great place!) and then the Queen’s park.  A beautiful park with magnificent flower beds, a bandstand and even an aviary. We also got Toby’s blue ball stuck in a tree (how does Steven do that??). We asked a kid (Assim?) to help with his small football but no luck – we even got that stuck too – really embarrassing!! Then a group of students came over and some lads climbed onto one another’s shoulders and pulled bits of tree down until the ball fell . Cheers, guys.

Time to return to boat to chill …

Viv takes the helm … not much she can hit, she says on the wide river Soar

Seems to be a pecking order here – seagulls on top, ducks below

We passed Pinxton Roses – all safe and snug at the Soar Boating Club!