Cruising in Company – Day 3

After the tiring day yesterday, it was decided to have a shorter day and now, there’s no more locks! John’s turn to lead and off he shot . .  further up into the North Oxford Canal – skirting Rugby, the new Retail park, lots of moored boats, boatyards and then out into the rural countryside again. Another beautiful day of blue skies and full sun.

Very scenic and straight – the old course being straightened out.

Caught Christine snapping me, snapping her!

After bridge 35 were some moorings recommended by the Nicholson guide – at All Oaks Wood, very nice too, just 3 hours but that’s enough today.

Cooking gammon for tonight in the electric slow cooker – now relying on solar to keep it cooking:

No waurez with 20 amps going in … time to tie up and have a cuppa.