Cooler when Cruising


Yes, the SCORCHIO weather continues and it looks set for another five days at least. Slightly down from the 29 degrees but still peaking at 24 – 27 all week! We decided to keep moving as the three hours we do in the morning will mean a bit of breeze. So we left Springwood Haven and headed for Sutton Stop or Hawkesbury Junction – to take on water and to met up with Karl (of KC Canopies). He is going to make us a brand new cratch cover – in burgundy with charcoal gray trim. He was prompt at 1800 and set about making a pattern with a plastic film and took on board all our requests . . . two zips, windows, curtains etc We chose the new fabric called Top Gun (as recommend by Gary2 on Ermintrude), which should last, not leak and not stretch – a failing of our canvas one.


Our mooring at the junction – right up to the bridge. Luckily the old steam pump house gave us some shade. It was so hot Steve put the stove fan on the roof and guess what:

 It is a special type of fan on will rotate for as low as 45 degrees but that does mean our roof was > 45 degrees!! One other good reason for stopping here is the famous pub, the Greyhound. They do great pies and have good beer & cider.

Very rural and a bit overgrown this North Oxford canal. A famous stretch for Butter Burrs.

Viv steered for quite a bit – under the M6

Nice to see the usual double lane of stationary lorries . . .

Our final mooring down at All Oak Woods.