Church End Brewery Winter Beer Festival


Our favourite, local brewery – Church End was staging a Winter Beer festival, Friday/Saturday so, say no more! When do they open? Midday? We’ll be there! Only 40 odd minutes drive from Yelvertoft and yes, we were the first!


This is their brewery tap – in other words, the brewery with, erm, taps for serving their beer. They usually make a whole range of beers – see their website for past beers.


They had a list of the beers complete with descriptions:Festival Beers

Let us at em – says Viv & Lucia!


Always a fresh & friendly place – with several rooms and lots of BEER!



We tried about 6 halves and loved the Vicar’s Tipple (their own Vicar’s Ruin plus a bottle of Ardbeg – yum) and the Instant Karma! Plus three very large sausage rolls . . . time to walk it all off:


Short drive to Atherstone and a bimble down some of the eleven locks which all of us at various times, had chugged through last Summer. Here’s the famous bridge 42.


A lovely and dare I say Spring, Day?  We certainly saw daffodils coming out.


Back to the Wheatsheaf for yet more beer!  Cheers!