Back on the Golli

Monday morning came around. We enjoyed spending Saturday and Sunday at the quiet mooring back at the short arm near the top. There’s a well kept toilet block and troughs of herbs to help yourself. It was the start of a long and a bit of a gruelling day . . . more on that story later…

Up from Maesbury – more serene canal
Up to the Aston locks – not a boat in sight
Viv drives these locks
It’s Saturday and so the paddlesport place is open and there be canoeists
Luckily they are all sensible and move over – grabbing on to the side – for I with my canoe can not move off centre for I will go aground!
Initial stopping point – just by that aqueduct.
Quiet apart from this Herbert – practising his aerobatics
A view you don’t often see – the underside of the aqueduct – yes it is a big steel bath
Final resting spot for 2 days – nice and quiet.
the level is a bit down – there’s a leak somewhere
Monday morning and Chris, the duty lock keeper is there and unchaining the locks and we’re off and up 40 feet.
And out!
Left turn to Llangollen
Big hire base at Whittington – I’m guessing we’ll see a few of these heading our way later and I wasn’t wrong
Viv took this to amuse Steve!
Turnover bridge
Just 2 locks to do today at New Marton. A very windy day! Tricky to moor & manoeuvre
there was also a problem – there was some kid of underwater obstruction, stopping the bottom gates from closing. And it moved around . . .
We tried moving the boat back and forth – using the prop wash to blast it back and out of the lock . . . seemed to work but it took us all an hour!
Moving towards Chirk
Past the Lion Quays posh hotel
with their own moorings
Final spot at around 1800 that day! Bit of a long one and we were surrounded by boats which all zoomed off early next morning. Plan is to stop here today – might go later but it’s a rainy day . . we’re only a couple of hours from the big aqueduct and the End.