Another Blizzard – What’s Going On?

Yes another 2 weeks go by as we head into what should be Spring and lo, it came to pass, another artic blast – blizzards, gales and sub-zero temperatures! The Friday before all this it was extremely  mild and time to fit a new boat horn and give it a coat or 6 or lacquer.  I also lacquered me bear – not a phrase one hears too often:

Icicles hanging down in the entrance to Crick tunnel

Steve’s new boat horn (driven by an air compressor – supposedly 150dB) bit of a cheap chrome finish, so it gets totally lacquered

As does the bear!

Meanwhile, the view at 0800 today – more snow, more drifts . . .

Even a snow drift inside the boat, in the cratch

Toby’s not bothered – he goes kind of mental in the snow, rolling & squirming

Makes you shiver just looking at it!

Couldn’t see out of the windows

Went for a walk along the canal beyond bridge 23 – to find Hodmad’od!

Lots of big drifts on the towpath – there’s a Toby in there somewhere.

Hopefully this will all disappear this week & we can all get out!