And they’re off!

The weather took a turn for the worse this week with gales & frosts but by Friday it seemed to have calmed down and so we scheduled our departure for the 5th April. Last year we had that Beast from the East and delayed our start until 4th May. Steve’s been itching to get out but the ointment has taken care of that!

We said our farewells – to Gail and our new neighbours. And cast off. Seemed a bit reluctant – maybe we’re getting a bit lazy and landlubbery? It was cold too. However, we’re off. Down those Watford locks – not too long to wait and on to moor just outside Weltonfield marina. 3.5 hours – that’ll do for Day One.

Viv steers after Steve checks all the things that Steve has to check . . .
Lots of these about
Cute and probably very tasty
Lots of photos of the Watford flight of locks on the blog passim, it’s still a bit leaky.
Steve steered – Viv wound. Toby watches.
Staircase locks – big and deep
Our first travelling companion – Frayed Knot – fellow Blue Ensign (RNSA) wearer too.
Only 3.5 engine hours but a nice, quiet spot for the first night