Adagio’s New Home

It was wash & polish boat day on Friday … all the marks left by dirty ropes etc. Steve used a special “boat wash” and then the magic polish – Bullet polish with Carnauba wax – gives a long-lasting protection and a showroom shine. All the scratches and scrapes along the waterline will have to wait for another day.


Here’s quite a nice, arty photo – taken from the marina entrance, looking over to our mooring – here’s a zoomed in piccie:


our boat in the middle, between Jasmine & Swift.

We had a drive around the area on Friday lunchtime – lots of thatched cottages and Stanford Hall (  Ended up in Crick and the recommended Red Lion! Real ale and superb, value-for-money lunches. We walked from the boat into Yelvertoft in the afternoon – hmm, nearly a 2 hour walk.  Found the wee post office & stores plus the award winning Squisito butchers/deli, see – lots of odd but nice cheese and local sausages! Early night and then pack & clean before driving home – via Devizes to collect the car. A long day and a very long holiday. It seemed like we’d been away for months! Pretty much every day, all day out in the open air. Fantastic. Can’t wait to go back … .