Adagio Escapes

Well, was it being back in marina land with all the people living so close or perhaps the break in the weather – don’t know but we have escaped. Poppy Eyebright was due to come too, in fact it was their idea but prescription problems held them up – we may still see them soon, hope so.

So, a test drive for the boat – will it leak? How does it feel?

In fact the boat does feel different – maybe it’s the smooth hull gliding through the water? Maybe the prop being a cm further out? Don’t know but it is nice to be out again. Just an hour’s chugging along to bridge 27 – ideal for so many reasons: peace & quiet, good angle for the solar panels, a wood nearby for Toby and just the hour away. The boat had no leaks and we felt less under stress. Yes, a few days here would be great.


Here’s Bridge 27 – the marina is near Bridge 18, so not far!


View of Adagio, from that bridge


And one zoomed in . . . such a peaceful spot